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Band of Brothers


October 7, 2001

In Memory of all those lost September 11, 2001

And especially to the Fire Department of New York
From all Americans

With our tears, our love
our gratitude….

“The time has come,” God said to St. Peter one day.
“Time for what?” asked St. Peter.
“To storm the gates of Hell,” God replied, “and I am bringing in the experts.”
“What experts?” asked St. Peter
“These,” replied God, and opened the gates of Heaven, and St. Florian led in over 300 firefighters…

We are your brothers
We show up each day
always ready
Trained and willing
to deal with
whatever happens

happen, too

We, too, are

and as much as
we would prefer to
be there
being here
is what is needed

We are your brothers and each, in our own way, is praying for you and yours.

so we put aside
our preferences

We go about our tasks
our minds guiding our hands
our hearts guiding our thoughts

doing what we need to do
so you can do what you need to do

We are your brothers
and each
in our own way
is praying
for you and yours

© Carla

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